Asperger’s: Are We on the Same Page Here?


lego_pile  Inside the house the air conditioning was turned up to full, but he still woke up without a shirt. “I am not going to school,”mumbled Caleb.  “I’ve got a headache.” When you have Asperger’s  you wake up every morning, day after day to the same thing.  “Ssshh”, he said. “Can you hear it?” “Just listen.” Rubbing his eyes he said.”The filter.” “The water is low in the turtle tank.” He then began to  scan his room to make sure he still had his four favorite pillows. He looks to see if the books are stacked neatly beside the bed. His lampshade is tilted just enough to shine  light on the turtles. And, the cars are lined up on the window sill with some neatly put in the blue bucket not the red one because that one is for his legos.  Ok, it is now safe to climb out of bed.

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