The Veteran and the Van Gough


Father-And-Son     There was an old man with a vast art collection.  It grew year after year with van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, and Monet.  He loved collecting art and loved the beauty it brought into his home.   After his son became old enough to engage in his father’s work he began collecting also.  For years,  the two employed a vast assembly of art pieces and objects,  The pieces hung magnificently displayed throughout the house.  The son soon went off to the service leaving the man to tend to the art himself.  As he walked by the paintings everyday , he was sadly reminded of his son.american flags dry-cleaned for free in rhode island

Shortly after, he was informed that his son had died in action.  He was then visited by a solider who knew his son.  The soldier presented the man with a painting he made while the two were stationed together.  The painting was far from professional but it became the man’s favorite.  He displayed it proudly.  It boldly became his best piece of art.  Soon after the man died.  He left his collection to be auctioned off.  The auction started with the painting from his son.  L'église_d'Auvers-sur-OiseAll  the brokers from near and far who came to get a glimpse of the priceless paintings, were shocked when the auctioneer  started with such a simple painting.  The bidding started and no gavel was raised.  Finally, a man in the front row raised his hand and bought the painting for $10.  When asked why, he said he knew the boy that painted the piece.  The auctioneer closed the gavel hard to the astonishment of all the collectors.  In their amazement they asked what about all the other paintings?  The auctioneer said the man clearly stated in his will, whoever bought the son’s painting inherited the whole collection.    No one comes to the Father except through me……..


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