Beauty, Boys and the Bandits

2459_children_playing_tug_of_war_at_recess_on_a_playgroundHave you ever googled you name?  It gets a little scary.  Oh yes….a lot of those Facebook images and some of the ones you forgot about are sitting right there with those lovely starlets whose name you are lucky enough to have a piece of.  There they are in their galligaskins (fancy word for leather leggings) and there you are in your flower one piece you wore in the hot tub on vacation in Colorado.  Oh, those were the days.293092_178196015672367_261588333_n

9cpMn6ocE…It is a typical Saturday around here. My husband is actually at work which does not happen often on a Saturday.  Our roof has been blown off by a wind storm. But, we have had many kind drivers stop to tell us our unfortunate news. This means a steady flow of chaos in and out of the house. One of my children has a huge knot on his leg and has not been able to move it. This is because of his chosen profession for the day as a  secretive navy seal.

 At least my eldest child is outside with 10 other boys keeping the neighborhood safe.  All of the freshly ploughed dirt and new houses make for a great playground (war zone).  The only problem is there is a gun jam about every five minutes so I guess you could add  gunsmith to my line of duties.

   I thought today I would write about a typical day, but unfortunately there are never  typical days.  I must remember that every circumstance that touches our lives must first come through God’s hands.  His fingers of love are part of a great plan that he has established for our lives. These children do not have a choice.  We are their voices.  I get so tempted to lose my temper. But, all they need is encouragement and the love to preserve in any situation.



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