monstersMonsters.  The funny thing about monsters is that no one can see them.  They become a part of your soul and they can see inside every aspect of your life.  Or, are they you?  A personality trait that can bound to you with hurtful words and an anger so enraged your body shakes and brings your blood boiling to the surface.  It can be so powerful that the evil words you spew, flood out of your mouth and bind to your bones so that the flesh cannot hide them.  They grow deep where the nourishment is the greatest.  It is a place where things cannot be easily removed.  It takes preparation.  It takes a deep cut and a skilled ,knowledgeable person who is true to what he says and does. One that is trusted.  One that is willing to train and practice to achieve the level of competence needed.  It then has to carefully be removed and mended so that the fresh new growth can make the wound stronger.  It then needs to be woven together and left to heal.  Then only to be cleaned and purified but eventually the scar will settle nicely and always be visible.

I wrote this for my son.  He comes home everyday with a deeper cut.  I am glad not everyone feels this pain everyday.  My only wish is that someone may feel how deep the pain settles.  It does not go away completely, it only hides.  To me it is like a stabbing wound but to him it seems to roll off his back.  I love him so.  I feel the pain for both of us.  How do I continue to send him into the fire everyday?


2 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. He is my nephew, but there is a child in my life that also has autism as well. I know what it is like to watch a child you love so much (I do help raise him, and love him as if he were my own) go through this. My best to you and your son. As you told me, you are NOT alone.


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