Autism is Speaking

autismWhen you wake me in the morning why is the tone of your voice so jagged?  I went to bed as instructed so I am sorry the morning still sees me droopy.  I  am only waiting  for my vacant head to wind up but, you are barking my line-up so fast it feels like you are launching darts and exploding all the fresh ideas roaming in my head.

I need to manuever my blue mustang next to the red dodge.  I know this will be out-of-order but the red mustang needs to be at the front of the line.  You peek in again and see my cloths still on the floor.  The noise snaps me back into place.  No I did not put on deodorant.  No I did not brush my teeth.  No I did not make my bed….Why didn’t I look at my list?  I don’t know.   I just don’t know!

The music in the car consoles me.  I need to tell Aiden about mindcraft. I asked him if I could go to his house a play it after school.  He said Sure!   I am glad Joey is here because he brought me the Lego man I needed.  Joey said Aiden was being sarcastic.  Mom told me about sarcasm but  Aiden likes me.  Right?

My teacher is mean.  I cannot sharpen my pencils or go to the bathroom even though I raise my hand.  All the kids on the basketball team laugh and shove me when I come over at P.E.  Do I really smell like they say?  I see your red car and I feel safe.  The beat of the music soothes me.  Why do you always ask me about my day?  I watch the cars as we pass and I am comforted by the trance they put me in.  I run into my room and all I want to do is watch You Tube.  I want to show you but why do you need to hold the computer?

19 thoughts on “Autism is Speaking

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  2. Thank for stopping by my blog and reading some posts. I really liked reading your post. I confess I always ask my son “how was your day?”. I think its because I am starving for information about him and especially because he was non-verbal until 4-1/2. I guess I should try and let him chill out after school and let him come to me about his day.

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  3. I felt like I was right there and could see and feel everything how he feels. Great job describing from the inside out! Love u so much and thx for the glimpse and can’t wait to see more :-)) . Love you!


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